Born Naked: Our products are guaranteed to be at least 95% natural with:

  • No Parabens - Complete selection of paraben free bath and body products

    • Some studies have linked parabens to breast cancer, so we are not taking any chances

  • No Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate (SLS/SLES) – None of our handmade soaps and natural skin care products contain SLS or SLES

    • SLS strips skin of moisture and is a known skin irritant

  • No Phthalates – Our fragrances are completely free of phthalates

    • Phthalates are associated with allergies and could pose issues in fetal development for pregnant women

Be Naked: We believe only you can decide what’s right for you, SO…
  • All our bath and body products, including our handmade soaps, are available to try in-store with no obligation to buy
  • We even provide complimentary foot soaks so you can fully test our products
  • We personalize our all natural skin care products for you – they are right only when you say they are
Live Naked: We live by the promise of being “Naked, without compromise” - you don’t give up anything by using our natural bath products. This means:
  • Our bath and body products will look and smell great, and perform better than their synthetic counterparts.
  • All our handmade natural soaps, both bar and liquid, will have a luxurious lather without the use of harmful chemicals or detergents.
  • Your skin will feel noticeably healthier after using our products compared to the chemical-laden alternatives.
Get Naked – For Good! We believe in supporting our community and improving the lives of women
  • All our products are made in the United States by women-owned small businesses.
  • Our bath and body shop regularly supports our local community through fundraisers and donations.
  • The only animals we test on are ourselves!

Naked Body + Bath is the brainchild of 3 professional businesswomen from Houston, TX who saw an opportunity to redefine the bath and body industry by taking the retail experience to a completely new level of customer fulfillment.

All of our handmade soaps, bath bombs and all natural skin care products are made in the United States by women-owned small businesses.

We are among the first to offer a complete selection of paraben free bath and body products.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!


Naked Body + Bath has been featured regularly on TV, newspapers and magazines since its launch in May, 2007.

Our bath and body shop was awarded the “Ultimate 2007” award by The Houston Chronicle for being a premier shopping destination a mere 4 months after opening its doors. Our all natural skin care products, handmade soap and bath bombs have been highlighted in various local magazines for being the highest quality handmade spa products.

Please click on the links below to see some of the television features on our store.

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